So after meeting up with Casey and Nigel at Nikko Circuit I hitched a ride and we began the trip up to Nihonmatsu. Almost immediately I was introduced to Casey’s incredible knack at falling asleep in cars, mid-conversation. After checking in to the Urban Hotel I discovered that my home for the next 5 nights was a pretty luxurious room with a king sized bed, pleasantly surprised. We had an early start and head up to begin exploring Ebisu Circuit!
After heading through the famous gates of Ebisu we set out on checking out all the courses as well as meeting up with some of the other Gaijin. Even after years of watching videos and looking at pictures of the circuits, the whole place seemed completely different, yet exactly the same.
The soon to be winner of the G1GP, Chris DeJager
As people were setting up their cars for the G1GP and the rest of the weekend, there wasn’t too much action going on, but enough to make a trip to every track worthwhile.
One of my favourite cars of the week tackling Minami
Dino and Casey talking cameras and who has a bigger lens.

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