So the film is back! This is the first shot I took in Japan, after stumbling out of Tokyo station and being severly underwhelmed by the sights we walked in a general south direction. After a short while of navigating alleys filled with high-end boutiques we emerged into this streetscape, Ginza, cast in the hazy Tokyo air, making it look truly alien.

After walking just a small part of Ginza for the majority of the morning and checking out how diverse a Depachiiko can be, Erin and I needed to get lunch. Sounds simple. Not wanting to settle for something cheap and nasty we ventured down the main strip of Ginza and into a small alley filled with restaurants. We decided on a place with a nondescript sign out front and a set of stairs leading underground. We were led to our tatami floored booth and began deciphering the menu to what would have been my favourite dining experience of the trip.

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  1. Peter

    A real Tampopo experience! Ramen micro-restaurants. Check out the movie if you can find it somewhere.

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